Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tubbers and other stuff




We LOOOVE to take baths every night together!  It's part of our night time routine.  Leah loves to swim around but not a fan of washing her hair so much.  I only do that a few times a week for that reason.  

The past 4 nights, she slept 8, 8.5, 9.5 and 12 hours!  Last night was 12 hours with a dream feed around 6am.  She fell asleep very early last night because she didn't nap hardly at all yesterday.. too much fun with her daddy while I was at school!  I couldn't believe she slept so long!  I nursed her around 6 and she was pretty much sleeping so Leo put her back to bed and she slept another almost 4 hours.

As far as school goes.. I'm nervous about the workload.  I have the same professor for both classes and she asked about the baby (knew I was pregnant when I had her a year ago).  Everyone was excited but she expressed that even though it's 2 classes, it would be a "decent amount of work".  One class requires a 60 page paper!!  

I got offered the job of my dreams last week.. I worked in the Kindergarten program at a school here for a semester and loved it.  One of the teachers just left (not surprised...) and the principal asked about me!!!  I already know all of the K teachers so it would've been perfect for my first year but I gotta graduate first and get that stupid paper!  I was then offered to sub but not realistic with me in classes and with a newborn at home.  I'm not ready to work yet, I was just flattered that I was thought of!  One day!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

8.5 hours!

Leah slept 8 and a half hours last night!!  Someone told me recently that the better naps they take, the better they sleep at night.  Kinda doesn't make sense but she took great naps yesterday and we had a pretty busy day.  We hung at grandma and grandpa's house, we ran errands and went shopping.  Big day for us and I realized this was the first time attempting stores without Leo.  We did pretty well!

My hair is falling out.. badly.. Not sure if this is normal but at this rate, I will be bald in a few weeks.  My shower drain is clogged a few times weekly.  What the heck!?!

Also, someone on my mom board said that their pedi said that baby should be nursing about 7 minutes on each side.  Other moms chimed in and said that that's about normal, some taking as much as 15.  WELL.. Leah nurses about 10-12 on each side, less in the evenings (she gets frustrated sooner).  Wondering if I really do have low supply??  

Having company in a few minutes and the house is a disaster.. better go clean up.  Oh, and Leah's great gramma is coming to visit for 2-3 weeks in September.. EXCITING!  Uncle Brian and Aunt Jess are coming in November.. SUPER COOL!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

refused formula!

for the first time in at least a month, leah had a feeding with just breast milk!  i nursed her this morning.. ironically the fire alarm came on and blared for 45 minutes before someone could fix it.  what a way to wake up!  after nursing her, i changed her diaper and leo prepared her 3 ounce bottle.  she wouldn't have it!!  WHAT!  she usually downs her bottles!  i'm feeling kinda good today.. maybe the domperidone is working.  i missed both evening doses for the past 2 days (so tired).  i would love to be formula free and be able to just give Leah breast milk.  wic gives us the formula but it would be really expensive to buy (over $200 a month!).  the domperidone is about 50 bucks a month but maybe worth it! 

leo and i have dentist appointments today.. yikes.. i have a wicked cavity that seemed to worsen with pregnancy and i can't wait till they see it!  fun stuff...  

speaking of pregnancy.. i REALLLLY miss being pregnant and can't wait to do it again!  i had the most awesome pregnancy, it was like i was made for it!  although my belly looks huge here (kinda sticking it out for the pic), i didn't gain a pound.  in fact, i actually lost 27 pounds the whole pregnancy!  my neighbor recently saw me with Leah and said she didn't even know i was pregnant! 

fire alarm going off again.. UGH!!  finally, after i put leah to sleep.  go figure!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leah Amari Santoro - 2 months old!

just a quick note!  leah is officially 2 months and 4 days old.  she is 10 pounds and 11 ounces, up from 8 pounds and 9 ounces at birth.  she is doing amazing!  we are so blessed!!

yesterday we had our first round of shots.. boy was it sad for all of us.  i think daddy even teared up!  she's doing ok now though.

breastfeeding is going ok.. she's requiring more and more and i'm trying to keep up with her but we're giving her 3-4 ounces of formula with each feeding too.  i'm sticking with the domperidone for another few weeks to see if it can help my supply, i would REALLY love to exclusively breastfeed but i'm doubting it.  

leah's sleeping 6-8 hours a night and we're loving it!  we're following the EASY method to get some type of routine established.  Eat, Activity, Sleep, You.  She's having about an hour or more of activity and taking great naps throughout the day.  She never really got the day/night confusion.. maybe for a day or two.  

While I'd like to think we've settled into a routine, Leah really calls the shots still.  It's all about her and I don't think you can spoil a newborn.  :)

Another thing that has worked wonders for us is the Happiest Baby on the Block (we watched the DVD.. who has time to read!) and the 5 S's.  WOW!!  Leo and I both found that Leah loves to be swaddled, shhsh'd, swung.. she loves to suck and loves to be on her stomach/side too.  What a brilliant man that guy is :)

She is a lot of fun these days!!  She has the cutest zombie eyes and sleepy smile as she falls asleep.  

she also has the cutest sneezes!  she's starting to socially smile more and more.. very smiley in the mornings and crabbier in the evenings!!

she is starting to be more vocal and is enjoying her play time more.  some of her favorite "words" are "a-gah" and "a-goo".  she also likes to say "ow-ah" and "ow-oo".  she loves to listen to herself!

I have to go back to school in a week and it's breaking my heart!!!  Leo was able to work his schedule around so that he will be watching her which is perfect!  I'm worried about the workload along with the high maintenance of having a newborn but I'm sure it'll be fine!

Leah's fighting sleep tonight.. our last resort.. her swing.  Hoping she falls asleep, I've been trying for 3 hours now!  She's over tired.  Wonder where she gets this stubborness from??