Wednesday, August 18, 2010

refused formula!

for the first time in at least a month, leah had a feeding with just breast milk!  i nursed her this morning.. ironically the fire alarm came on and blared for 45 minutes before someone could fix it.  what a way to wake up!  after nursing her, i changed her diaper and leo prepared her 3 ounce bottle.  she wouldn't have it!!  WHAT!  she usually downs her bottles!  i'm feeling kinda good today.. maybe the domperidone is working.  i missed both evening doses for the past 2 days (so tired).  i would love to be formula free and be able to just give Leah breast milk.  wic gives us the formula but it would be really expensive to buy (over $200 a month!).  the domperidone is about 50 bucks a month but maybe worth it! 

leo and i have dentist appointments today.. yikes.. i have a wicked cavity that seemed to worsen with pregnancy and i can't wait till they see it!  fun stuff...  

speaking of pregnancy.. i REALLLLY miss being pregnant and can't wait to do it again!  i had the most awesome pregnancy, it was like i was made for it!  although my belly looks huge here (kinda sticking it out for the pic), i didn't gain a pound.  in fact, i actually lost 27 pounds the whole pregnancy!  my neighbor recently saw me with Leah and said she didn't even know i was pregnant! 

fire alarm going off again.. UGH!!  finally, after i put leah to sleep.  go figure!

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